Happy New Year!

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photo by Nicole Zinn, Glimpse Imaging

Happy new year to all of you nice people who have taken the time to read my newsletter!

Winter really dug its heels in about a week ago here in Ontario and I’ve settled nicely into a relatively warm lounge room with a piano and a few other instruments. It’s been a while since I had the time to spend all day writing songs and I’m pleased to say that inspiration has graced me with its presence a good percentage of the time. I just need to get my microphone back from the repair guy and there will finally be some new recordings for me to put up for your consideration.

My New Years Eve was spent in Ottawa playing an outdoor stage near Parliament Hill with Tim Hicks and his merry band of pranksters, and although it’s always fun playing with those guys, the sub zero temperature (I think it was minus 12 or something ridiculous like that) did make it hard to keep my banjo and pedal steel in tune for the 90 minute set. There were a few heaters set up on the stage but they were absolutely useless against the cold wind, to quote Trailer Park Boys “it was colder than a snowman’s cock out there!” Sorry if that sounds offensive but it really does describe the night very well.  (Here’s a quick clip of highlights from the Tim Hicks tour with Dierks Bentley)

I have a few gigs coming up:

January 23rd I’ll be playing a couple of sets at The Old Winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake with The Old Winos as my band for the night. Those guys are seasoned pros and I’ve been looking forward to playing with them for quite a while.

February 14th I’ll be playing the Casbah in Hamilton with my pals Ginger St. James and Samantha Martin for a special Valentines Day show, that’s going to be a massive night!

February 22nd I’ll be doing a couple of sets at the Cat & Fiddle (Hamilton) in the afternoon so don’t wait until it gets dark.

Well I hope 2015 has been good to everyone so far and I’ll talk to you again next month. Cheers!


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