Baring My Fragile Soul…

Hey there all you wonderful people!

I’ve been practicing my piano chops a lot over the last month trying to get them just so for my Thursday night residency at Moulin Rouge Cocktail Lounge located in downtown Hamilton on John st. Maybe I’ll end up like Les Paul playing this place every week until I’m almost 100 years old, we’ll see how the opening night goes first.  It’ll just be me mostly, baring my fragile soul from behind the piano and trying to make the seen.

Last week me and my buddy Ty Price played a special lunchtime performance at Gore Park in downtown Hamilton. It was good to play some brand new songs and some hits from the back catalogue… booking more duo gigs soon!

I’m also playing a solo gig Wednesday June 4  in Oakville with Mississippi Bends.  Show starts at 9pm, $7 on the door.



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