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August 2015: Summer Shows, Tim Hicks, & Henry Wagons Recording

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World’s Biggest Whiskey Barrel, Bardstown Kentucky

Hey there music lovers!

Just checking in to let you know what I’ve been up to and what I will be getting up to.

Last month I had the pleasure of getting to play on Henry Wagons latest solo project, which was recorded at The Casino in East Nashville.  I played bass on most of the rhythm tracks and then guitar and steel overdubs here and there. I was lucky enough to borrow a 1961 Fender Jazz bass that belonged to the one and only Waylon Jennings for the majority of its life. Needless to say it had a lot of mojo and my bass chops sounded solid and groovy!


I’ve been busy with the Tim Hicks band flying all over Canada and playing some wicked summer festivals. Last weekend we played in Newfoundland, which was a first for me. Very cool place but as normal I saw very little of it (except for this moose chair). Might have to take a holiday there someday if I every get the time.


I’ve been chipping away at my new album but haven’t had much time to really get my teeth into it. I’m planning on getting it all done dusted by the end of October. All the songs are written and arranged (in my head) for the most part, I just need to record them.

I’m super excited to be playing a gig this Thursday at The Cameron House in Toronto with my good friend Tracy McNeil, who’s in Canada for a few months visiting family and doing some shows. It’s an early show starting at 6pm so come and have a pint after work and enjoy some live music.

Until next time, Adios!


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