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June 2015: Recording update

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Hello all you good people who’ve taken the time to read my newsletter!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last checked in but as always I’ve been very busy doing what I do best and a few other things too.

One of the highlights was helping out the sassy Ginger St James with her next release which we recorded over 4 days in an old barn just outside of Blackheath Ontario. James McKenty, who recorded my last album, was at the helm and he managed to out-do himself once again. He’s one talented dude! It was so much fun hanging out there and the songs, two of them we wrote together,  are really something special. I’ve had to limit myself to a couple of listens a day or  I might spontaneously combust or something.

The recording dream team: L-R James McKenty, André Tellier, CJ Altmann, Jeff the Moose Mascot, Ginge St. James, Alysha Main, Justine Fischer, SnowHeel Slim


I’ve also be working on my new album which I hope to release early next year. It’s shaping up nicely and my plan is to record all the reverb in an old silo located just outside of Kitchener on a farm. Might not work but it might also be the coolest sounding thing ever, we shall see.  Stay tuned for a sneak preview in the next few weeks.

Now it’s time to stop typing and go play my steel.



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