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Hey there dear friends and music lovers!

As always it’s been a very busy month for me, lots of trips out west to Alberta and Saskatchewan with Tim Hicks and crew. Apart from all the early mornings and waiting around in airports we really do get to have a lot of fun. Calgary Stampede would have to be the highlight for me having never seen this spectacular before. We closed the Sunday night on the main stage which ended up being an alcohol fueled free for all, glad I was on the stage and not in the front row! After I packed up the pedal steel we walked across the parking lot to go check out Snoop Dog’s show, yep that’s right, I was hangin’ with the dawg!

Very excited to say that Alysha and I will be coming back to Australia for a couple of weeks in October and I’ll be playing a set at the Out On The Weekend Festival, such a great line up! I’ll keep you posted on any other gigs that I book in, there’s a few in the works for Melbourne and Adelaide so stay tuned.

Adios Amigos!


out on the weekend

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